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Are You Choosing The Right Tools To Style Your Hair?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Does it really matter which barrel to use when styling your hair? The short answer is yes. Here I will break down the difference between the tools I use and when I use them. Keep reading to learn how length and desired curl pattern determine which barrel size.

Curling Irons and Barrel Sizes

Remember this when styling: the larger the curling iron,

the less curl you will get.

  • Create tighter curls with a 1-inch curling iron

  • Create looser curls with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron

  • Create beachy waves use a 1 1/2-inch curling iron

1-inch Curling Iron

This size barrel is probably the most commonly used one because of its versatility. You can create Hollywood waves, textured curls, or beach waves. This curling iron is ideal size for clients with super silky straight hair, hair shorter than a bob or creating super wavy styles on medium length hair.

1 1/4-inch Curling Iron

This is my go to when creating those "lived in waves" everyone can’t get enough of. I love to use this iron on hair that is a bob or longer.

1 1/2- or 2-inch Curling Iron

Do you have extensions or waist length hair? This is the perfect size barrel for you. This iron was made for long locks because the bigger barrel allows for curling larger sections to help your style your hair faster.

Using a Wand or Flat Iron


Do you have fine hair that just doesn’t seem to want to hold a curl? I would recommend using a wand instead of a curling iron the longer barrel will allow for even heat distribution which will result in longer-lasting curls.

Flat Iron

Are you looking to create a more disheveled, texture look? Your flat iron is your go to create a piecey, lived in feel by straightening the ends.

Important Tip: Set The Temperature Appropriately

If you're using your heat tools above 380 degrees you need to turn it down ASAP. Texture and hair health determine your tools heat setting.

  • For finer and color-treated hair stick to lower temps like 300 to 350

  • If you have more coarse texture work keep your temp 350 to 380


Here are my go to tools when styling:

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