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Biggest Summer Hair-care Mistakes

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

It’s that time of year the sun is shinning bright, the pool is calling your name and you're ready to be outside enjoying the summer. Right! Well maybe you're ready, but is your hair ready to take on the summer heat and humidity?

Did you know the number one summer haircare mistake is over-exposure to the sun? Yep! the sun is damaging to not only your skin but your hair too. I know avoiding the heat and humidity is practically impossible when the sun is blazing hot, but I have 5 hair tips that will help protect your hair through the summer.

It all starts with your hair products.

When selecting your products first thing to check for is that they can provide UV protect for your hair. Yes a sunblock for your hair (without the sticky mess). You use sunblock on your skin so why not protect those beautiful strands and your scalp from the sun with a UV shield in your haircare routine.

Are my go to for summer the summertime.

Thinking about hitting the beach or maybe just a quick swim at the pool?

Make sure to apply a thin layer of conditioner in your hair before jumping in. Then throw it up into a bun to create a barrier from the sun while keeping the hair hydrated and protected for the rest of the day.

is a must have to shield your hair from uv rays, add moisture and protect from heat tools.

To all my blondes this one is for you!

Did you know that the sun accelerates the lightening process which can cause more damage to your hair. Maybe you are saying to your self I am not out in the sun everyday. Even if you’re not outside every day, just a few minutes in the harsh summer sun can leave your hair feeling parched.

Now all my dark hair ladies don't think you are out of the danger zone. Dark hair will also lighten and fade in the sun, although it will more likely go through brassy or red tones the sun can still dry your hair out and cause damage.

So make sure you:

  • Use a Leave-in Conditioner that has a UV protection.

  • Maintain moisture with a weekly mask. The summer heat leaves the cuticle open and more porous, so your hair will absorb the hydrating treatment and repair fast.

is a must have to keep your locks hydrated.

Avoid using heat tools as much as possible.

As your hair is already exposed to the heat of the sun skip using your heat tools. If you have to heat style your hair make sure to always use a heat protectant. I can't live without

Best way to protect those gorgeous locks.

The most important tip is to wear a wide-brimmed hat ( as opposed to a baseball cap) that covers your face and neck. Don't forget to cover those locks when you are in the sun, it will help your hair stay healthy and your color last longer.

I am loving this X-large brim sun hat from amazon. It is super cute and stylish while covering my hair and keeping the sun off my face. Comes in 8 different colors and is UPF 50+

How do you care for your hair in the summer? Feel free to share your tips below

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